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Here you can find connections to a group of over 1,300 members striving to make the world 10% happier. Through donations, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities, Kansas City Chives On is making a difference in the community.

Kansas City Chives On - All the time

A bit about usWhat is a Chive Chapter?

We are, first and foremost, a massive group of friends. We support and help each other, but we don’t stop there. We take it further by aligning this batch of lovely people toward charitable causes. This specific group of amazing friends raised more than $12,000 cash in 2017 for charity. The group also donated clothes, toys, food, time, sweat, and love throughout the year.

Yet, KC Chives On isn’t the only group dedicated to a giving lifestyle. There are over 200 Chive Chapters across the entire world with the same mentality and motivation as us! Furthermore, all of Chive Nation has raised more than $13,000,000 for first responders, veterans, special education, and rare medical conditions.


Who Chives?It’s not just for Charity

  • Weekly Gatherings

    Every week we have dinner at one or two places around Kansas City. Everyone is invited to join us and hang out. Be sure to check the calendar for information about our Weekly Gatherings.

  • Holiday Get-Togethers

    Not every holiday can be enjoyed with family that lives across the nation. Friendsgiving happens in November for the Chive family to enjoy a delicious meal and better company.

  • BBQ's and Parties

    KC Chive members will host Bar-B-Que’s at their house and invite fellow Chivers. Or we’ll announce that we’re visiting a club in Westport for any who would like to join. KC Chive is all about inclusion and friendship.

The FamilyMore than just friends


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