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KC Chives On is a collective of Kansas City metro misfits who are dedicated to making our community & fellow human beings 10% happier!

Our emphasis is on volunteer efforts/donations, participating in and hosting charity events & overall group shenanigans.

Who We Help

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Rare Medical

Individuals that have rare medical conditions impacting their lives.

LindaRead Her Story

KC Chives On Supports Veterans Alongside Chive Charities


Veterans that have medically-related needs that aren’t being met.

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First Responders

First responders and emergency assistance organizations.

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Special Education

Underfunded special needs education initiatives and institutions.

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A New ApproachUnlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Need community help?

At times, KC Chives On has been known to pick up a social cause and run with it. Everything from food and clothes drives, first-responder visits, veteran support,
or just someone to talk to are what we love. Reach out, and let’s see what we can accomplish together.